we want to create a culture of curiosity rather than certainty, of engagement rather than entrenchment, of celebrating our diversity rather than solidifying our separation.

In grade school, we learn to categorize. We separate blocks by color and shape, numbers by odd or even. Then we start categorizing people.

The world seems simpler when we box it up. We can separate by race, class, country of origin. Increasingly, we’re also able to separate ourselves by how we think. Advertising has reinforced this trend – if you’re conservative, you’ll see more conservative content, likewise for liberals. Eventually we exist in our own echochambers, where we ourselves become simpler. We know what to think, how to behave, and who to trust.

Christianity has not escaped this cultural trend. Are you evangelical or mainline? Conservative or progressive? Prefer contemporary or traditional worship?

The trouble is, this kind of simple categorization is not the gospel. It’s not the life Jesus called us to or consistent with the commandments we’ve been given. To paraphrase one pastor, Love crosses all boundaries hate makes and climbs all walls fear builds.

We’re here to reject the boxes. We want to know the God who is so much more than our human mind can conceive of that we should never stop asking questions. To love is to desire to know, yet with God we can only glimpse. So we should always be pursuing our Savior with all our heart, mind, and strength.

We’ll never all agree on the answers to those questions, but we want to ask them together. We want to explore with the Holy Spirit as we do our best to live lives where we love our God, love our neighbor, and love our enemy. We want to follow Jesus when He invites us to “Come and see.”



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